Cuda by example p69 ripple project requires glut.h and glext.h but i am having problem

I followed the “cuda by example” page 69 in which 2-D arrays are created to show ripple on the screen. However certain data types requires book’s own supplementary header files. But those header files are complaining about including glut.h and glext.h files.
I found glut.h is included in freeglut-3.2.1 but not glext.h/
I found glext.h is included in project.
It is unfortunate that both of these files are found in completely different project. And author of the book Jerry Sander apparently, does not make it easier in describing where from and how to include and did a poor job on this.

I managed to download both projects and pointed the header include directories but now, the original project complains about KHR/khrplatform.h.

I feel like going after wild goose chase.

Is there any easier remedy for this messy situation.