CUDA C++ Template does not appear in Visual Studio 2019

Hi, I installed the CUDA toolkit 11.2 on a machine (Windows 10) that does not have an Nvidia GPU. I did this because I want to use Visual Studio 2019 to code the CUDA project on my machine and then connect to a remote machine, which has an Nvidia GPU, for the execution.
The problem is that the CUDA C++ template does not appear in Visual Studio and I’ve been stuck on this problem for day, is there a solution?

  • nvcc works in the terminal.
  • I already tried all the solutions proposed in this forum for other versions of CUDA and VS.
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i Do have Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti but i cannot find the Cudac++ template on visual studio 2019.
I do have CUda toolkit v11.2…
If someone can help