CUDA can use at Visual studio 6.0?


I wanna develop my own image processing program at visual studio 6.0 for window xp.

but all of my sample codes are developed by 7.0 or higher.

I’m not good at visual studio higher version.

must I learn visual studio 2005?

And can I develop my program with MFC and CUDA??

I’m so confused by CUDA. :blink:

well the difference is minor :)

I guess, you can cope :)

AFAIK CUDA officially supports only MSVS 7.0 and 8.0

so its better to use them anyway

as concerns MFC - AFAIK there are no resctrictions. so answet is “Yes, you can”

I dont think you can use VC 6.0. It is NOT supported by CUDA.

VC7.0 or 8.0 is the one supported.

The earlier version of CUDA i.e. CUDA 1.0, supported VC 9.0. But CUDA 1.1 does NOT.

So the best bet is to use either VC 7.0 or 8.0

MFC and CUDA – I am not sure. I guess you can.

Check out for getting VC 2005 express edition.

Thank you for your reply

I’ll try to…

Have a nice day~

vc6 is ancient, you really shouldn’t be using it anymore, it has way more flaws than just not supporting CUDA :)