CUDA cask failure at execution for trt_maxwell_scudnn_128x64_relu_medium_nn_v1

When I followed the DRIVE - Learn - Nsight Eclipse IDE section,
I used the below command to run sample but I got error and the video is running but not bounding box and detection lane. Please see the attached screenshot.

cd /usr/local/driveworks/bin

My laptop is Lenvo P50, Nvidia Quardo M1000M,
Nvidia Driver is 396.26
Cuda is 9.2

Hi jieyng,

So you have follow DRIVE Program Download page to install all the necessary components and you are logged in on your host machine and connected to the target, right?


Yes, I downloaded sdkmanager from the Drive Program Download page and install them completely, and start the training section which is DRIVE-Learn- Nsight Eclipse IDE;

I checked my nvidia graphics card is Quardo M1000M,
The Nvidia Driver 396.26 should work with cuda toolkit 9.2.

Once I start the example code, it says cuda cask failure at execution for trt_maxell_scudnn-128x64_relu_medium_nn_v1.

Dear Jieyng,
The host machine should have minimum PASCAL based GPU card as prerequisite to install and run DW samples.

Ok. My nvidia card is Maxwell, do you think the latest version driver can make it work?
The highest Nvidia Driver version for Quardo M1000M is 418.56. from the cuda toolkit table, it can support cuda toolkit 10.1.

NVIDIA Driver Maxwell compute capability is 5,

What is the definition of compute capability and cuda toolkit version, Maxwell/PASCAL architecture?

With Maxwell architecture, doe it mean that using (My NVIDIA graphics card) compute capability 5.0 and higher graphics driver(418.56) version and cuda toolkit(9.2) version still not able to make it work?

Dear jieyng,
The PASCAL has compute capability 6.x. You need to have minimum PASCAL based card to run Drive works samples.