CUDA collides WOW ?

my Video card : Geforce 9500 RAM 512 (MSI OEM)

    oringal Driver :182.50_geforce_winxp_32bit

    I would like to play  CUDA, so  I  updated the Driver to cudadriver_2.3_winxp_32_190.38 last day.

  (NO update, it is impossable to use CUDA.)

   Then, I have played world of warcraft. I find the mouse is very lag (stun 0.5 ~ 1.0 sec), and the speaker

   were keeping noise out.

   When I changed driver to original, it is normal tatally.

   So, is it possbile to play WOW and CUDA with the save driver?

You need to install the drivers from the CUDA zone. Download CUDA 2.3 drivers. AFAIK, it should work…

but if that does not, therez some other issue…

Yeah, I just download the 2.3 version CUDA driver, and the mouse is lagging when I play wow.

Just go to and click download drivers and download the latest drivers, that may fix your mouse issue. If you have downloaded any drivers like that in the last 2 years, then you already had CUDA installed and didn’t know it :) CUDA has been incorporated into the normal driver development line for a very long time. The links on CUDA zone point to the first (usually beta) driver that supports that version of CUDA, which is usually very buggy.