CUDA Compatible Comparisons Buying guide for CUDA enabled products

I’ve been looking at specs for various NVIDIA cards listed as CUDA enabled, but am not having much luck determining GPU details. I’d like to see which cards are similar to the S1070 chipset. Is this the “T10”, verses “g80” series? If that’s incorrect info, you will probably see my point. I don’t need performance of the C1060/S1070, but would like to see the same features (64-bit, fr example) that the Tesla products have. Is there some appropriate list?


Appendix A of the programming guide lists CUDA compatible GPUs with the compute capability (which will tell you about double precision support) and how many multiprocessors the GPU has. Note that when Appendix A says something like 2x30, it means the card actually contains two CUDA devices, each with 30 multiprocessors.