CUDA conferences/workshops

I’m looking for an academic forum to post some cuda related results. Anyone know of any?


Well, basically almost all conferences about parallelism have added GPGPUs and other Cells in their topics…

I guess it also depends on your perpective, are you doing parallelism, algorithms, imaging etc. ?



I’m at Pacific Graphics right now. About 1/3 of the papers use CUDA in their implementations. What’s interesting is that it’s now being used more casually, and the GPU is accepted as a normal component of research, not a special topic by itself. Last year you might have a paper that could be summarized as “GPU programming can solve this problem of image registration…”. I’m now seeing more papers like “Here’s a new method of image registration. And we also implemented it in CUDA.”

NVIDIA is also at the conference showing off the realtime raytracing demo.

For learning CUDA, and talks specifically about it, NVISION was about a months and a half ago. SIGGRAPH Asia is coming up in December, SC08 is in November, I’m sure there’s lots of GPU discussion there.
ISC09 is in June 2009.