CUDA contest question

I’ve sent this to contact mail found on CUDA contest site, but noone responded…

I wonder why I can’t participate the contest if I live outside of US/Canada? Is it just NVIDIA-s arogance?

Anyway, on the main page it says:

The CUDA contest series will feature varying code topics, and all developers are invited to give their best try at speeding up the code and enter for a chance to win great prizes.

So if NV wants to stick to its contest rule, it might consider changing this because, at the moment, it is a lie. It is not inviting all the developers, just those who happen to live in North America.

FYI NV, there are other places in the World out of the USA/Canada (like Europe, Asia or Australia, you’ve might heared of those…), and the majority of World’s developers actually live there…

Kind regards

There are legal issues.
Each country has different rules ( the same happened to Google with the Android contest).
We will add more countries in the near future, as soon as we get the green light from the legal department.