CUDA context not currently debuggable

Hi folks,

New to CUDA, I am running CUDA 8.0.44 with NSight using a Quadro 2000 GPU. I have managed to successfully build, and run a sample program. I cannot debug the program inside the GPU card. I get the error

“A CUDA context was created on a GPU that is currently not debuggable. Breakpoints will be disabled.”

I have the latest drivers installed from the NSight installation. The installation lists the new and current Display Driver as 369.30. Windows lists the actual driver as NVIDIA Quadro 2000 version (4/09/2016).

The linker is set to provide debugging information.

Is there anything else that I should check or any reason why CUDA should consider the GPU as not debuggable?

Thanks in advance for any help.

I am not entirely sure, but as far as I recollect single-GPU debugging requires compute capability 3.x or higher. Quadro 2000 has compute capability 2.1.

The basic issue is that the GPU needs to be able to continue updating the display (operating system GUI), while a CUDA program running on that GPU has been halted at a breakpoint. Newer hardware supports context switching mechanisms to deal with these conflicting requirements.

If you have a second GPU available (it could be a low-end one), try plugging that in, and dedicate the Quadro to compute while the other GPU services the GUI.

Man that was quick!

And sounds eminently sensible. I’ll follow that up.

Many thanks!