CUDA, cuDNN installation in GTX 1660 ti

I am novice in this field, so I’d like to ask basic question.

My graphic card is GTX 1660 ti, and it it hard to find clear source about CUDA and cuDNN version that I should install.

I heard that CUDA and cuDNN version should be compatible with graphic card.

What version I should install?

Thank you.

To a degree it depends on whether you are wanting to work with a particular application that requires a particular version. pytorch seems a perennial here and particular builds need particular versions of Cuda, cuDNN etc. so in this case it’s probably best to carefully follow the appropriate documentation.

More generally, if you are doing development, you probably want the latest toolkit and this cuDNN matrix gives you guidance on cuDNN requirements.

Your card is CC7.5 and is supported on toolkits from 10.0 to the latest version.

Edit: Bear in mind too that the version of the toolkit is tied to particular versions of OS and compilers, so this may dictate your choice, if you do not wish to update these. See Toolkit installation documentation.