CUDA cuSolver problem

I follow the example at, F.2. SVD with singular vectors (via Jacobi method). I encounter the problem, error C2065 “gesvdjInfo_t” can not be resolved. So which header file I should include? I have already include 3 header files as shown below. I couldn’t find any header file which contains gesvdjInfo_t or cusolverDnCreateGesvdjInfo().

// CUDA libraries
#include <cuda_runtime.h>
#include <cublas_v2.h>
#include <cusolverDn.h>

any luck resolving this issue?

I didn’t have any trouble compiling it on linux (CUDA 9.1) using the exact compile command lines given. The identifier gesvdjInfo_t is defined in cusolverDn.h in my CUDA 9.1 /usr/local/cuda/include directory.

You don’t mention which CUDA version you are using.

Using CUDA 8.0. Have some issues running CUDA 9.x on my setup.
gesvdjInfo_t is not defined in cusolverDn.h

yes,there have some trouble with cuda8.0 and’s terrible.

You’ll need to use CUDA 9.0 or 9.1 for this. It is not defined in CUDA 8.0, it is a new feature in CUDA 9.0.