CUDA debugger crashes when GL resource is mapped

I’m working with CUDA-GL interop and have a strange problem, my app works fine in isolation or under the VS debugger but always crashes on cudaGraphicsMapResources under the CUDA debugger. I put together this contrived example, using the CUDA project template with no modifications other than linking with GLFW and GLEW, and it still crashes:

The simpleGL sample works fine in the debugger, and doing a clean install of Nsight 4.6 didn’t help, so I’m baffled. Any ideas where the problem could be?

Hi js,

Thank you for using Nsight and reporting this issue. I’m sorry for what you’re experiencing. I have reproduced your problem on my side and reported it to Nsight developers. Will update you with any progress. Thanks again.


I tried this again with Nsight 5.0 RC and it’s behaving differently. Rather than hard crashing, it begins the debug session then immediately ends it with no error.

Is there a log file somewhere I can check to see what’s going wrong?

Hi js,

Your issue has been fixed in driver end, not Nsight end. I’m sorry to say current the latest driver 355.xx doesn’t contain this fix. You may need to wait for next generation, 358.xx. Thanks for your patience.