Cuda-debugger problem with turning on the debugger


   I am facing a problem with running a cuda-gdb on the application developed in cuda, the problem description is below

I have got a geforce card installed on my server machine, if i dont login into the server machine and compile cuda code on my machine & try running it, i get an error saying No cuda capable device detected.

If i login onto server and try running the cuda-debugger it gives me an error saying
“All CUDA devices are used for X11 and cannot be used while debugging. (error code = 24)”

I am struggling to fix this issue from 2 days.

Any help would be really appreciated


Did you try stopping your X server? ‘sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop’ or ‘sudo init 3’ might do it.

If you are not running X11, then the driver must be explicitly loaded and the necessary /dev entries created in order for CUDA to work. How to do this is discussed in the linux release notes and/or getting started guide.

You can’t debug on an card with an active display driver.