CUDA debugging issue under VS2005

Hello all,

this is an issue that bugs me for quite some time now. I’m using VS 2005 as an IDE to write CUDA programs. However, when debugging, I can’t step into cu files for information, and setting breakpoints in cu files can’t work too. Everytime I try to step into a cu file, it ends up stepped into the end of the last included header file in cu file.

For instance in cu file:

#include “a.h”
#include “b.h”

then debugging will enter the end line of b.h. If you reverse the header files, then you will end up in the end of a.h.

I noticed that someone are having the similar issues in VS2008, but is CUDA also having this bug for VS2005? What’s the solution then?

Thank you very much for your kindly answer.

Are you debugging in which mode? EmuDebug/Debug/EmuRelease/Release? You have to be in emulation mode(EmuDebug or EmuRelease) if you want to debug kernel code. You cant debug when the kernel is actually running on the GPU.


Thanks for the reply first.

Yeah, I am aware of debugging mode. Although it’s not the case here.

When I attempt to step into any function in a cu file, VS2005 will show me the end of my last included header file instead of pointing to the right function position in cu file. So technically, I can’t be sure when I’m debugging what anyhow.