CUDA Device 0

I’m using SOLIDWORKS Visualize and Nvidia Quadro P2000. I have installed CUDA 12.3.1_546.12 for Windows.
But in my log file, the following information is described:

[30.6] IRAY:RENDER 1.1 IRAY rend info : Your NVIDIA driver supports CUDA version up to 12.3; iray requires CUDA version 11.8; all is good.
[30.6] IRAY:RENDER 1.1 IRAY rend info : Using iray plugin version 5.5, build 363600.4887 n, 15 Apr 2023, nt-x86-64-vc142.
[30.7] IRAY:RENDER 1.1 IRAY rend info : CUDA device 0 (Quadro P2000): compute capability 6.1, 5.000 GiB total, 4.059 GiB available, display attached

So, the question is: CUDA is enabled or not?

I would say yes. The first line is saying iray needs 11.8 support and your driver provides that and on up to 12.3. While Compute Capability 6.1 cards are at the older end of the range, they are still fully supported in the latest Cuda.

If you want to be sure, set off a render and in a terminal use nvidia-smi to check activity. One possible check would be :

nvidia-smi dmon -d 2