CUDA device not found anymore after some runs in Eclipse IDE

I am experiencing a, at least, unusual situation.

I have successfully configured Eclipse to Build and Run my CUDA project (not after some work, but I’ve managed to, in part with the help from this guy).

But, after running the code two or three times, my device (GeForce 8600 GT) just cannot be found anymore by any program. Even those from the SDK examples. I just get a annoying error in the Eclipse’s console.

Using device 0: GeForce 8600M GT

Cuda error in file '' in line 108 : no CUDA-capable device is available.

In the Terminal I get the same error with any other binary: “no CUDA-capable device is available”.

My project is basically the template given at the SDK. I’ve just added a kernel to sum vectors. So I suppose there is nothing wrong with my code.

I have already checked wether the kext is loaded or not and, for my melancholy, it is.

Any clues?


The problem is not just with Eclipse.
After some nostalgic moments using vi and the Terminal, the binaries did not run anymore too…
I think that the problem is related to that exposed in this topic. And is not related to the Eclipse interface.

The moderator can erase this topic if wishes…