CUDA DLL for general MFC applications

Hello Everybody,

CUDA is an interesting and challenging architecture than explote all the power of the GPU. In a console application, CUDA works fine (The SDK helps a lot). The problem with CUDA is its use in a real application of Windows, say, and GUI.

Since a lot of time I’ve been trying to merge an application and CUDA, that is, calling a precompiled CUDA function from a DLL in a general Windows application. The problem is that I don’t know how to create a CUDA DLL that can be called from a Windows app. I know how to build CUDA DLL for win32 console application. If someone knows a tutorial or a step by step explanation please let me know.

I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Windows 7 64bit, Geforce 9800 GT, CUDA 3.1.

Thanks a lot.