CUDA Documentation printing problem

Can anyone tell me why does Windows print spooler crash when I try to print NVIDIA_CUDA_Programming_Guide_2.0.pdf ?

the same thing happens on XP, Vista and Win 2008 Server.

I’ve got HP LaserJet 1022 and using Adobe Reader 9.0

If they all have the same driver version for the printer it might be that. or try adobe 8?

I’ve tried Adobe Reader 8.0 and 8.0 Professional too, also downloaded latest driver from HP but the same problem :(

I think there’s something wrong with the documentation file structure, as I print many PDF files and I’ve never met such problem.

Not sure if this will help, but I just sent the PDF through the Mac OS X print driver and wrote it back to a PDF. This may clean up any PDF irregularities for you:


Well, if you can read all of the doc onscreen, it is not a document problem. And crashes because of a strange document are a bug in a program ;)

The same thing happens spooler crashes and pages are printed without order.

Finally I’ve printed out by exporting it from acrobat professional into jpg format :)

There should be a bug in my printer driver as the spooler crashed even when I tried to print the exported file into microsoft document imaging format (.mdi)

As a tip: burn a linux live CD. You will probably have more luck printing from linux