CUDA does not run on TYAN FT72-B7015 HPC barebone


Duplicating the question already posted in XP forum branch.

After the assembly of the GPU station (FT72 + 2 x XEON 5690 + 8 x Zotac GTX 580 3GB) and successful installation of the OS (XP64) I face a problem that no CUDA-based application can run on this machine.

Latest drivers are installed (285.58), CUDA 4.0 is installed, CUDA SDK is installed - and all applications that use CUDA report that no CUDA devices found (Windows Device Manager shows all 8 GPUs available). Device Query sample from CUDA SDK reports 38(!) CUDA-devices available, however, no extra information can be obtained for any of them.

What can be wrong with the system or drivers or hardware ?

Possible reason:
Before installing 285.58 + CUDA 4.0 I’ve tried to install CUDA 4.1 with it’s developer drivers. This attempt actually failed as developer drivers did not include high definition audio drivers thus producing more than 20 unknown devices in the system. Device Query sample from CUDA SDK also reported 38 CUDA devices available, however, no actual CUDA-based application could start. It is possible that after removing CUDA 4.1 with developer drivers something wrong left in the system …

Thanks in advance.