CUDA Driver 387.178 - GPU Driver 387. on os X 10.13.4 preventing all applications to launch !

Help needed please !

I’m using a Nvidia 1080ti as an EGPU in an Akitio node on a mack book pro early 2011
this to run Octane render in cinema 4d, Daz studio with iray and accelerate after effect
All these were working fine until last update of the CUDA Driver 387.178
and GPU Driver 387. for mac os 10.13.4 (17E199)

Since the update of Cuda and Nvida driver :

  • Cinema 4D with octane won’t launch anymore.
  • Daz studio iray won’t launch
  • Adobe after effects won’t launch !

It appears so that all applications using the egpu won’t work anymore

I already adressed Maxon, Adobe, Daz Studio and Otoy teams
who all say the newest drivers of Cuda and nvidia are responsable for the problem.
(and actually I changed nothing on my computer besides the Nvidia and Cuda Driver before the problems occured ).

Is there a new version on the way to fix this problem anytime soon ?
Can a developper help me to solve it before the official release ? (even through beta testing ?)

This is a serious trouble for us as we cannot use any of our applications in coordination with our Nvidia 1080ti anymore !!!

Richard Marazano

I’m now in the process of cheking the rest of my installation and I discover it is all my application which are using Cuda and nvidia which cannot launch anymore since that update !.
As an example Daz Studio with Iray using Cuda and Nvidia freezes in the lauching process at the same stage as Cinema 4d and Octane, and this goes also for Adobe after effects at the same stage…
Before that Cuda and Nvidia drivers update, all of these programs were launching properly.
This is a serious trouble for us as we cannot use any of our application in coordination with our Nvidia 1080ti anymore.

I’m having about the same problem. Cinema 4D, After Effects and Premiere all not working correctly after installing the GPU Driver 387. and CUDA Driver 387.178
I’m basically dead in water production wise.

So some of us are dead productionwise, but no one from nvidia answers us after 5 days…
That is not exactly what the customer service told me when advising to post on this forum.
That’es not exactly what you expect from a technical customer service…
Anyone from nvidia please ?

So just for Info I an now launch my applications but only of my computer is not connected to the nvidia cards.
another hint to the idea that the nvidia update is responsable for these so many app not running anymore after the update…
any suggestion nvidia people please ?

Same problem here. PyTorch failed to work on Mac 10.13.4 with NVIDIA web driver version 387.

THCudaCheck FAIL file=torch/csrc/cuda/Module.cpp line=88 error=35 : CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version

Updated to 10.13.4 v 202 and Cuda driver 387. And still the same problem…
Got some advise from Otoy team that i will test in the coming days an report here since it seems impossible to get some advise from nvidia people who told me in another thread : Nvidia doesn’t support osx with egpu … even though it did work in the previous version with the Cuda Nvidia drivers …