CUDA driver problem on Fedora 9

I downloaded cuda driver for my Fedora 9 (32bit), but it reported to me:
No precompiled kernel interface was found to match your kernel.

The kernel of my system is 2.6.25-14

I am wondering what is the problem and how to figure it out?

i am also having same problem

it is not totally running on my system

the kernel of my system is also 2.6.25-14.fc9.i686

This is normal. Just hit OK and it will build the kernel interface.

It seems my system(FC9) doesn’t have kernel source and devel related files and it failed

when hit ok to build the corresponding interface. However, when I changed to

install Fedora Core 8, though it encountered the same problem "No precompiled kernel

interface was found to match your kernel.", it is ok after hitting OK and then build an interface.

Despite posting this many weeks later, i hope it helps someone struggling with this issue.

To overcome this problem, i installed the kernel development package necessary to enable the CUDA driver to build its own precompiled kernel from source to successfully install the drivers. This is just my humble understanding of it, or rather what i translated as being the problem.

Anyway, the kernel-devel-pkgs are available on the fedora cd but i first had to install it as a repository source so as to view the packages available on the cd. I dont know why its not included as a repository source when installing the OS. Maybe i just missed that step.
This sorted that out well:

The kernel development package to install is called:
kernel-devel-2.6.25-14.fc9(i686) - Depends on whether this is your platform too(i686)

It may also be useful to also install the kernel headers if not already installed - “kernel-headers-2.6.25-14.fc9(i386)”


It is necessary to install the Physical Address Extensions (PAE) version of the kernel if you have more than four gigs of memory otherwise only 4 gigs is detected. The install process i think should automatically detect this and install the proper PAE kernel but not sure what happened with mine as i have 6 gigs on it.
You can check this by typing “top” at the terminal and the first number of lines should have the the amount of physical memory being used somewhere in there.

The PAE kernel is available on the fc9 cd listed as
This first needs to be installed.

The problem now comes about in that the PAE kernel development package is not available on the CD.
I got it from:…ernel-PAE-devel

i installed it using: #rpm -ivh kernel-PAE-devel-2.6.25-14.fc9.i686.rpm

Once these are installed, the cuda driver install should go smoothly.

PS. Since i dont have an internet connection on my machine, i selected NO in the cuda driver installation process when it asks for it to connect to the net to do whataver. My memory fails me at this point. But i do remember it was the first thing that pops up when it fails to find a precompiled kernel.

Hope this helps