CUDA drivers for other nVidia-type manufacturers ex. Realtek WinFast PX9800 GT S-Fanpipe

I’ve tried using CUDA for first time. With drivers 178.28 and 180.60 for XP64 I think CUDA might be not working properly on my Realtek WinFast PX9800 GT S-Fanpipe card. Where to download CUDA drivers for Realtek? Now it’s installed Realtek display drivers 175.16 and PhysX by nVidia 8.10.13 and 8.08.18 says that “No AGEIA PhysX Processor Installed” (where should be my ‘nvidia’ card).

NVIDIA’s drivers should work with all manufacturer’s boards, although you should check with your manufacturer if you’re uncertain.

This forum isn’t for PhysX support, but I believe the “No PhysX Processor” message refers to you not having the original Ageia PPU hardware, you should still get GPU physics acceleration.

Yes, I’m uncertain, and how can I use CUDA with Realtek display drivers? When I install CUDA driver it also overwrites Realtek display drivers and installs original NVIDIA display drivers. Realtek don’t have CUDA drivers AFAIK. So you seggest that if I want to use CUDA, I must use NVIDIA original display drivers instead of manufacturer’s no matter what?

I thought CUDA is part of PhysX, but, anyway, under Settings tab I see “Hardware device selection (Geforce-enabled engines only)” * No acceleration. (Geforce PhysX, like AGEIA PhysX, selection is gray). (PhysX 8.08.18/8.10.13 Properties.)

You need to install NVIDIA drivers yes (at least when your manufacturer does not have CUDA enabled drivers yet)
PhysX runs on CUDA, so if you install PhysX enabled drivers you should have CUDA support also as far as I can tell.

IMHO, that’s too bad. Realtek might never have CUDA drivers for it’s solesty property of NVIDIA, AFAIK.

But why would you want to use the realtek drivers? The only thing you know for sure is that they are more old that the NVIDIA drivers.

I just want to try out another, preferably that is build exactly for my card. I’m on SETI@Home Beta Test and got some issues: graphical lags on desktop screen and probably video memory overflows after few runs, that is need to reboot PC.

But the realtek drivers are not specifically built for your card, they are just rebranded nvidia drivers.