CUDA drivers needed for GTX285M

Like another poster I bought my new Sager laptop with the intent of running CUDA applications on it.

However the manufacturer (that Nvidia refers me to repeatedly) doesn’t have a driver that is capable of running CUDA apps on Win7x64.

The latest driver on offer and installed on my laptop (as delivered last month) is 188.30.

The CUDA app I’m trying to run informs me that I need a minimum 190 driver.

I know about laptopvideo2go but am concerned that I may screw up my HDMI/DVI out if I don’t get the .inf files edited correctly prior to hand massaging 197.13 into shape to install.

None of the driver packages available for download from Nvidia list the GTX285M as a compatible device.

Will Nvidia have a resolution for this soon, or is there someone who can give me the specifics of what’s needed to safely transmute existing CUDA drivers into something usable on my machine?



I installed the drivers from Laptopdrivers2go, and this gives you a new display driver, and uncouples specific controls from the laptop like special function buttons, and CUDA still doesn’t install (with me). I just installed back the original drivers, and everything is fine again

If I browse the “listdevices.txt” file that comes with the CUDA 3.0 beta drivers, neither the 330M (my card) nor the 285M are listed. I think I have to conclude that NVidia sells new graphics cards that are called “CUDA-compatible”, but doesn’t supply drivers to get CUDA running. Not very nice. We may have to wait until there is a new CUDA driver update.


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