CUDA drivers on Mac Mini?

Hey Folks -

First post, and appropriately n00b-ish :-)

Just downloaded and built the CUDA sdk on my Mac Mini…compilation went OK, but when I try to run the examples, I get errors like this:

./histogram Starting...

main.cpp(64) : cudaSafeCall() Runtime API error: CUDA driver version is insufficient client for CUDA runtime version.


[ CUDA Smoke Particles ]
The following required OpenGL extensions missing:

Press ENTER to exit...

My Mini is not the current one; rather, its an older one with the Intel “GMA 950” graphics system. I’m guessing that the GL version issue may be insurmountable. However, I’m wondering if anything can be done about the CUDA driver error. I have not yet installed the CUDA driver from nvidia’s website.

My questions:

  1. Is the OpenGL version issue indeed insurmountable?
  2. Can I safely install the nvidia CUDA driver on this Mini, and if so, will it allow me to run at least some of the demo code?


If you have a GMA 950 Mini, it doesn’t have an NVIDIA GPU, and you can’t run CUDA.

That’s basically what I figured…the question was kinda like having someone else check my lottery ticket to see if I’d won, just in case I’d misread the numbers…thanks!