CUDA Eclipse Mac OSX Getting CUDA to compile on OSX

Depite what seems like an age on google I can not get CUDA demo projects to compile on OSX under eclipse, I have posted a screen cast here:

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?


I’ll take that as a resounding NO then …

cuda+eclipse search on google:

3rd entry:…evelopment.html

All the instructions on how to use it, one comment shows how to set it up for Macosx.


As show in the screen cast I have followed the instructions layed out in that entry … they do not work.

As stated in my first post, I had been on google and tried several settings after having no luck I created the screen cast and asked here for help, instead it seems I find the general ‘google it answer’.

So AGAIN I refer to the screencast in the original post, asking what if anything is wrong.

i noticed some errors in the way you try to compile with eclipse.

first is PATH variable when you add /usr/local/cuda/bin not /usr/local/bin/cuda

second is you must compile .cu files with nvcc not gcc !!