CUDA Error counter

Hi, Im looking for application which count errors while i computing my test app.

I need to measure dependence of temperature on error count.

Thx Lexa.


What kind of errors are you trying to count? nvidia-smi reports ECC error counts if that is what you are after.

Thanks for reply.

I want try nvidia-smi, but I have GTX 570 card with 285.79 beta driver and Windows 7 64. It seems i havn´t nvidia-smi on this driver.
So where can I download it, if its possible.

There is no ECC support on consumer cards, as a consequence there are no ECC error counters. The Tesla-line of professional compute cards/modules supports ECC:

For availability of nvidia-smi, please see

Hi, Is there any other way how to measure error rate, while i running test application like Elemental Badaboom.

Thanks for reply.