CUDA Error cuda_common.cpp515 [Guppy]

Hi. I appreciate every piece of advice and everyone that could help me with this error, or could explain me this error. I am absolutely newbie in this virtual machine worker region. Thank you.

I have an issue with specific error in guppy_basecaller environment.

Using this command:
~/ont-guppy/bin/guppy_basecaller -c dna_r9.4.1_450bps_hac.cfg -i fast5/ -s fastq -x ‘auto’

With this command I want from GPU RTX 3060 mobile version to do hard work and do basecalling.

Basecalling has started with specific conditions (with config. file) than after random time basecalling has stopped and this error has bee showing.

[guppy/error] pipeline::ThreadedNote::worke_function: Exception thrown in basecaller_node worker thread: CUDACaller worker thread: CUDA error at /builds/ofan/ont_core_cpp/ont_cuda_common.cpp515: CUDA_ERROR_UNKNOWN.

Again, appreciate all your help. Thank you very much.