CUDA error on synchronize with error 'an illegal memory access was encountered'

I’m using Optix 7.2 / Cuda 10.2 and I get an illegal memory access error.
I have no idea how to debug this crash that occurs after an optix trace has started.
I have NSight but not sure how to use it line by line debugging in Visual Studio 2017.
Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

Thank you for using Nvidia’s Nsight products and sorry you ran into this issue. Can you tell me which Nsight product you were using, i.e. were you using Nsight Graphics or a different Nsight product?

Version 2019.4
I want to be able to do line by line debugging of an optix shader file within Visual Studio 2017.
I also think i am experiencing problems relating to updating a GAS.
I think the Optix API to build a gas is asynchronous?

How do i completely restart the GAS from scratch. I don’t want to do a GAS Update.
I’m thinking this memory is problem is relating to GAS replacement.

Can you use Nsight Graphics 2021.3 instead? It is the latest version you can find here NVIDIA Nsight Graphics | NVIDIA Developer.

I’m limited to Cuda 10.2 for my development.