CUDA error

I have met the same problem as other peoples:
Error C2664 in gvdb_volume_gvdb.cpp 2858 line.

Following Rama’s suggestion, the 2858 line is changed into:

size_t sz;
cudaCheck(cuGraphicsResourceGetMappedPointer(&mRenderBuf[chan].gpu, &sz, mRenderBuf[chan].grsc), “cuGraphicsResourceGetMappedPointer”, “ResizeDepthBuf”);
mRenderBuf[chan].size = (uint64_t)sz;

Then the gvdb_library works well. It shows succeeded.

Then I run samples included in the folder.All the samples build well. But shows CUDA error when run it. The error code was attached.

I cannot solve it by myself. Who can give me a help.

Hi Zhenguo,

Please indicate the graphics card, driver and CUDA version you are currently using?

My first suggestion would be to make sure you have updated to the latest driver. GVDB 1.1 suggests that you use CUDA 9.x, which requires that toolkit and the newest drivers.