CUDA FFT Source Code

I am a graduate student in the computational electromagnetics field and am working on utilizing fast interative solvers for the solution of Moment Method based problems. We are trying to handle very large data arrays; however, our CG-FFT implementation on CUDA seems to be hindered because of the inability to handle very large one-dimensional arrays in the CUDA FFT call. I am trying to obtain the source code for the FFT to see if it is able to be modified for calling across multiple GPUs on a HPC cluster.

Could someone let me know if the source code is available, or whom I would need to speak with in order to obtain it.


You will find source-code of CUDA FFT in the src directory containing all the CUDA 2.3 SDK examples.
Just install CUDA 2.3 following the documentation, you must anyway compile them by yourself to check them :-)

(location depends on your OS, but it’s fully document in the “Get started” PDF document for your platform)

I am pretty sure that mahaffj is looking for the CUFFT sources, not for some example code showing how to use CUFFT. As far as I know, the source code is not publicly available.