CUDA File Extension (cuh,cu) support in Visual Studio 2013

In Visual Studio 2010 Pro/Ultimate we can add CUDA Header(.cuh) or CUDA Source(.cu) files as a new items in to our project by right click and using “add new item” option,
but the problem is in Visual Studio 2013 Pro/Ultimate their is no capability to add those files in to the project.Only capability they provide us is to create a new project-> “CUDA 6.5 Runtime”,but in VS2010 we have both capabilites (to add new CUDA project and add new items in to the project as *.cuh or *.cu).

Please help on this matter,How can we solve this? Is there any user settings to addin to VS2013?

Links for Supportive images are given below (VS2010 and VS2013 respectively)

Please answer asap

I have the same problem! I do not know if the problem is with installation or it is the problem with Visual 2013?