CUDA for 3D Animations and rendering! Compare with Clusters n Grids


Kindly see the link below:…20080602.1.xml

This is about a movie produced using cluster/grid + on demand-computing over internet (HAAS?) + Open-source software, community!

Now, I want to know if CUDA can play a role in such types of applications!

If so, Are there efforts underway to re-write commercial software available for animations,3D rendering etc. using CUDA?

Any inputs from NVIDIA?

Appreciate any inputs from NVIDIA!

Well, Mental Images is now owned by NVIDIA, so I wouldn’t be suprised if we see a GPU-accelerated version of Mental Ray in the future.

Gelato, our previous rendering product, also uses the GPU and is now free to download:

Vow!! Thank you so much!!!

I was trying to explain GPU stuff to some of my colleagues! And, they were quoting this SUN GRID example to put me down!!!

So, I was just searching for an example from CUDA – Great! Thank you so much!!!

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Well Ray tracing can be done on GPU so essentially it can be done using CUDA too. Apart from this, physics and AI and other computations which are CPU bound can always be transformed to be GPU bound. However important aspect will be that how much the problem can be broken into parallel subset.