CUDA for OpenSolaris CUDA for OpenSolaris: when?

Hello, when will CUDA for OpenSolaris be ready?

That’s a question you’d need to ask SUN. NVIDIA has no current plans to release a Solaris version of CUDA.

Why? Is Sun blocking things?

SUN isn’t blocking anything. NVIDIA has no current plans to release a Solaris version of CUDA.

Hello, has NVidia’s plan changed already? I’m asking since I would like to see CUDA working on Solaris for our current number-crunching projects we woud like to use GPUs.



Solaris under Intel OR Solaris under Sparc?

I’m sure that it would have to be Solaris on Intel, because SPARC is big-endian (and so would require either all of your data to be byte-swapped to the card, and then back from the card, or to totally rewrite all the kernels + the CUDA driver/runtime).

I think your best chance of something like this today is to get the x86 Linux NVIDIA driver running under a Xen virtual machine, plus the CUDA toolkit etc., and use the VM for CUDA tasks. Then use OpenSolaris as the mother OS.

It’s theoretically possible, and looks like a short leap than a full Solaris CUDA implementation + driver. I don’t know if this is anywhere near possible in real life though.

However, when Mac OS X gets ZFS, it may have become close enough to Solaris, feature-wise, for it to be a tenable Solaris replacement in some instances. Mac OS X already has DTrace and assorted other stuff.

Sorry for the omission. Solaris on x64 (64bit x86) machine.



SPARC is not big-endian after v9. after v9 it is bi-endian