CUDA-Fortran and compiler error when using -g flag

I get the following compiler error with PGI-19.4 when using the -g flag

/global/common/cori/software/pgi/19.4/linux86-64-llvm/19.4/share/llvm/bin/opt: /tmp/pgfortranI2RoMGdz8Y4u.ll:814:46: error: missing required field 'scope'
!745 = !DILocalVariable(type: !759, flags: 64)

The compile line is

pgfortran -g  -O2 -fast -Mnomain -Mcuda=cc70,fastmath,charstring -Mcuda=lineinfo -Mcuda=maxregcount:255 -Mdclchk  -noacc -DAMREX_USE_CUDA  -DAMREX_CUDA_FORT_DEVICE='attributes(device)' -c reset_internal_energy_3d.F90 -o reset_internal_energy_3d.o

The code and dependent module files are at . There is no error when removing the -g flag.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the report! I was able to reproduce the error here and have filed a problem report (TPR#27155).

Best Regards,