CUDA Fortran application not running


I recently bought a Titan Black, I have installed it on a computer that I do not have a licence for PVF on.

I have tested the card by running the CUDA samples (deviceQuery, particles, etc.), there is no problem.

When I try to run one of my own executables (compiled on my laptop with PVF CUDA Fortran), the application crashes immediately.

I cant think of any reason why my CUDA Fortran stuff would not run but the CUDA Samples do work.

Anyone have any ideas?

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A bit more information:

I am compiling with PVF 13.10 on a Windows 8 system in 64bit. I am using CUDA 5.5. I have set the “compute capability” to automatic.

I am trying to run on a Windows 7 system with CUDA 5.5 installed (and tested with the CUDA Samples)

I know that my applications can be run on other computers with different GPUs. I have successfully run on K20, K40 and Quadro400.

Let me know if any other information is needed.

Thanks for any help


Hi Kirk,

I’m wondering if it’s not anything to do with CUDA rather, the CPU or some dependent library.

Early Win7 releases didn’t support AVX, so if you built your code on an AVX enabled processor, it would crash immediately. Try building the code targeting an older processor (like Penryn) so AVX isn’t generated. This can be set in PVF in the project properties under “Fortran->Target Processors”.

  • Mat

hmmm, my laptop has an I7 and so does the computer with the Titan Black…

hmmm, my laptop has an I7 and so does the computer with the Titan Black…

That’s fine, it’s Win7 that doesn’t support AVX at least not until SP1.

Well… you are the master!

When I target penryn my executables will run on the system with the Titan Black.

Interestingly enough, my version of Windows 7 has the service pack 1 installed.

Oh well, problem solved, I can continue developing!

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Windows 7 has the service pack 1 installed

Odd, I not sure why then it’s not working. MS says it’s supported in Win7 SP1 Glad you’re able to continue making progress!

  • Mat