CUDA Fortran Error: copyin Symbol Memcpy FAILED: 74< misaliged address>

Hello, guys!

I encountered some serious problems in CUDA Fortran and need your help urgently.

I have two desktops named PC1 and PC2 respectively, which are configured as follows:
PC1: Win xp 32bit OS,VS2010, CUDA5.0, PVF2010, GeForce GTX680
PC2: Win7 64bit OS, VS2015,CUDA8.0, PVF15, GeForce GTX750Ti

I write a CUDA FORTRAN program on PC1, which can be compiled and run without any problem. However, when I take these codes to PC2, although they can also be compiled successfully , the following error is reported during the running.

0:copyin Symbol Memcpy < dev=0x0000000140572D20, host=0x0000000021FD0AA0, size=5121600, offset=506140424> FAILED : 74<misaligned address>

I’ve been debugging for many days. Unfortunately, no solution has been found. So, sincerely hope that you can help me for some suggestions and methods.

Thank you very much.


Hi ZJQ007,

Are you able to provide a reproducing example that we could look at? This is a somewhat generic error so it’s difficult to give guidance without an example.

Since PVF2015 still supported 32-bits, you might try compiling to 32-bits to see if the problem is with porting your code to 64-bits. Though there’s many other changes here, different compiler version, different OS, newer CUDA version, and different device. Any one of these could be the difference.