CUDA_func & CU_func


I have 2 question:

(1)CUDA guide shows the function CUDA_func & CU_func.
What’s different between CUDA_func & CU_fun?
They works on different lib or something else?

(2)cudaGLRegisterBufferObject() & cuGLRegisterBufferObject
They work for the same goal…but…
why does this process need to be seperated CUDA_func & CU_func?

Thanks ~! :))

The “cuda*” are implemented in the CUDA runtime library. The “cu*” are implemented in the CUDA driver library. The runtime can be used somewhat even without the driver present (although one cannot use GPU then). But basically the runtime is a proxy to the driver. See page 3, Figure 1-3 of CUDA Programming Guide Version 1.1.

Thanks a lot ~~~ :))