CUDA function not installed - win64-1810 community edition


The 17.10 version can be successfully installed in my PC. The installation guide would ask me if I want to intall CUDA toolkit. Actually I have used this version for one year. Now the license expired.

But when I tried to use pgiws64-1810.exe, it never ask me for CUDA toolkit. After the update completed, I cannot use -Mcuda function.

Both two PC have the same issue. My OS is Win7-64bit, one PC is with GTX 860M, the other one is with 980Ti. I have VS 2017 and CUDA 10 installed in my PCs. What should I do?


Hi Wei,

I think the cuda-specific files should be in the 2018/ directory inside C:\Program Files\PGI. What do you mean when you say you cannot use -Mcuda? Does it throw an error or just silently fail? You can use -dryrun to see if it is properly finding the libraries and headers.

Sorry about the previous post. It looks like I have to uninstall 17.10 before installing 18.10, otherwise Mcuda may not be successfully installed.