cuda-gdb 2.2 error cuda-gdb: undefined symbol: cudbgExportAPI

I have just downloaded cuda-gdb 2.2 and tried to install it. The installation seems ok, but when I try to run cuda-gdb, it gives the following message:

$ cuda-gdb
cuda-gdb: symbol lookup error: cuda-gdb: undefined symbol: cudbgExportAPI

Am I doing something wrong?
My OS: EL5_x86
CUDA: both 2.1 and 2.2 give the error

Did you install the CUDA_2.2 release of the driver & toolkit?

I installed CUDA toolkit 2.2, but not the driver. I will try it and report back. Thanks!

I’m seeing this too, with the final 2.2, both toolkit and driver installed. I presume since there’s no further discussion here you got the problem resolved simply – is there something obvious I’m missing? Thanks!

Double check that you’ve installed 185.18.08 and not some other 185.xx driver.

Doh! Our install scripts are broken and are installing the wrong driver still. It only takes posting on a public forum to make foolish mistakes obvious. Thanks for your time. :)

I’ve just been inflicted with Windows Vista where it seems as if they’ve got a new name and location for everything. Could someone tell me how to find out what version of the CUDA driver I have? Many Thanks.