cuda-gdb error code=28 Running in cuda-gdb fails driver initialisation


I’m trying to run some code through cuda-gdb and I get the following error:

fatal:  The CUDA driver failed initialization. (error code = 28)

The code runs fine through a normal terminal, it is only through the debugger that I get this problem (program executes normally outside of the debugger). All code, no matter how trivial fails in this way. It fails regardless of which device I try to run on.

System specs:

OS: Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit

Driver: Linux 64-bit, 285.05.09 (Upgraded from 280.13 which has the same issue)

SDK version: 4.0.17


cuda device order:

0: Tesla C2050

1: GTX 295

2: GTX 295

3: GTX 460

4: Tesla C2050

Physically in the machine they are ordered as (from top to bottom):



GTX 460

GTX 295

There are 2 24" screens attached to the GTX 460 and another on the GTX 295 (no screens on either of the C2050s).

I can’t find any references to error code=28 in any of my searches, can anyone help?



I too have been searching for some translation of error code 28, although the scenario is different. I’ve reached the conclusion that this information may only be acquired by showing that this information is in high demand.

tl;dr: bump