CUDA-GDB hangs on walk-through example 11.1 (bitreverse)

  • Operating System

Ubuntu 12.04 (SMP)

  • Synopsis description of the problem

CUDA-GDB hangs (but I can restart system with ctrl-alt-del) when reaching step 9.a on p. 39 of manual DU-05227-042 _v5.0

  • Detailed description of the problem

Previous steps in Example 11.1: bitreverse appear to execute and do so properly. I’ve tried this about five times and let the system chug for 5+ minutes.

Please describe the conditions when the problem was observed. Screen messages, code snippets and anything else that will help in duplicating the problem should be provided here.

No messages, nothing, after entering the first ‘next’ command

  • CUDA toolkit release version


  • SDK release version (.jar?)

  • Compiler for CPU host code


  • System description including:

– CPU type
AMD Phenom X4
– CPU speed
2500 MHz
– installed system RAM
– system type and model
Desktop - homebrew (in use since ~ 2009)
– video cards installed in the system
MSI N210
– chipset type

I should add that, before running cuda-gdb, I did a ctrl-alt F1 followed by sudo stop lightdm in order to shut down X11.

CORRECTION: THe system does not HANG, but the only action which leads to a response is to hit the enter key which yields a newline. Running my hand over the rest of the keyboard does not lead to a response.

What happens when you hit Ctrl+C?


Thanks for reporting this. Can you please provide some additional information?

  • When you reach step 6 in the walkthrough, can you post the output of the following command: info cuda devices
  • Driver Version (cat /proc/driver/nvidia/version)
  • Which GPU are you using? (cat /proc/driver/nvidia/gpus/*/information)