cuda-gdb problem with function call in kernel?

I’m having an odd problem with cuda-gdb. I have a kernel like this:

__device__ void kernel ()


  float q; initialization...

  q = compute (args); something with q...


inline __device__ float compute (args)


  float q;

  q = result of computation;

  return (q);


When I run this in cuda-gdb, set “b kernel” and run, I get something like

Breakpoint 1: (pc) in kernel () at /tmp/tmpxft_…kernel_cudafe1.stub.c:3

/tmp/tmpxft_…kernel_cudafe1.stub.c: No such file or directory.

I can’t step into the kernel - single-stepping takes me to the end of another kernel - and doing a “cuda kernel n” says the kernel id is not known.

If I comment out the one line that has the call “q = compute ()”, I can step through the kernel just fine. Any suggestions?

---- PS: Upgrading to the latest compiler/SDK version seems to fix it.