cuda-gdb segfaults and exits

Hey guys

i have an issuse where i can run my cuda program on a terminal. But if i try to run in under GDB, it segment faults on the FIRST cudamalloc call and exits. There are a few other posts with a simillar issue but i coudnt find any resolution ?

Here are some specs:

Opensuse 11.1 (x86_64)
cuda 3.1
Nvidia driver 256.40
gcc 4.3.2
nvccc flags used for compiling -g -G -arch sm_20

i tested cuda-gdb on my machine using a small sample kernel and it works fine so clearly the issue is with my program. However I am not sure which parts of my program i should post to better describe this problem as cuda-gdb seg faults on the first cudamalloc calls on the host side. i tried a cudaMemGetinfo before the calloc and it seg faults on that as well . Any recommendations on what i could try?