cuda-gdb: undefined symbol: cudbgExportAPI Any ideia?

I’m trying to use cuda-gdb but I receive the following error message:
cuda-gdb: undefined symbol: cudbgExportAPI

Driver version

I’ve installed Cuda 2.2 on my Ubuntu 9.04. Everything seems to work ok. I’m running the samples and my own apps.

Any ideia?

you need to use 185.xx with 2.2, you probably haven’t installed it correctly because it shouldn’t be working? unless you just installed the 2.2 SDK and left the 2.1 toolkit.

I couldn’t install driver version I had a lot of problems trying to install it on Ubuntu 9.04, even I had to re-install Ubuntu because I couldn’t revert to back.

I’m using Toolkit 2.2 and SDK 2.2, driver

Probably I’m going to wait for some tutorial on how to install driver version on Ubuntu 9.04!


You cannot use 180.xx with 2.2 because 2.2 has a bunch of entry points that aren’t supported in 180. I wouldn’t be surprised if it returns feature not yet implemented for pretty much everything. I’m also kind of surprised CUDART even loads, I thought there was a check for that.

Anyway, it’s easy to get 185.xx on 9.04? It’s just

sudo CC=/usr/bin/gcc-4.3 ./driverinstaller or whatever

Right! Finally I installed 185 driver, cuda-gdb is running now! but…

“Warning: all GPUs were made unavailable to the application because they are used by X. This may change the application behaviour!”

Can’t I run cuda-gdm while X is running?

Nope, you cannot run it on a card that is running X. You will be halting execution of a kernel. So the GPU will be halted (and thus your X windows completely unresponsive)