cuda-gdb with templated kernels

I am trying to use cuda-gdb with a CUDA kernel that is defined using a template

global void my_first_kernel(FP *x)

but when I try to set a breakpoint of my_first_kernel cuda-gdb just says its necer heard of it. I i trying the filename and linenumber then it accpets this but when it runs and gets to the breakpoint i just get things like

Breakpoint 1, 0x0000000000402208 in dim3 (this=0x0, vx=32767, vy=2873198384, vz=2)
at /scratch/gpubuild/buildtools/ubuntu10.04/NVIDIA/3.2//bin/…/include/vector_types.h:473
473 host device dim3(unsigned int vx = 1, unsigned int vy = 1, unsigned int vz = 1) : x(vx), y(vy), z(vz) {}
(cuda-gdb) step
0x0000000000402214 17 global void my_first_kernel(FP *x)
(cuda-gdb) s
0x000000000040213f in _device_stub__Z15my_first_kernelIfEvPT (__par0=0x200000010) at /tmp/tmpxft_0000679b_00000000-1_prac1d.cudafe1.stub.c:7
7 /tmp/tmpxft_0000679b_00000000-1_prac1d.cudafe1.stub.c: No such file or directory.
in /tmp/tmpxft_0000679b_00000000-1_prac1d.cudafe1.stub.c

If i remove the template and put a datatype in place of FP then all is fine.

Is it possible to debug templated code with cuda-gdb? Is there some trick I missed ?


This bug is fixed in 4.0 and can be verified in the upcoming 4.0 RC build to be released end of Feb2011.