I’m about to create a stand-alone program from all the CUDA code that I’ve written. I want to make a graphical user interface (GUI) from which the user can control the program, it must be possible to make different choices, choose files to read, type numbers for different parameters and so on. I also want to be able to run OpenGL windows, such as volume rendering, in the GUI. What do you propose to use for this purpose, QT?

i never used QT
but i can tell you that gtk works perfect for opengl + gui + cuda

Hi, i just wanted to follow up on this. Did you manage to make a CUDA code with a GUI? If so, how did you go about it? I would like to make some standalone simple programs with GUI.

Thanks and Regards.

I use GLUI on OSX.
It’s very simple/poor, but enough for me.

In my case, I had to build GLUI static library from sources with nvcc because of std linker error.
I added “CC = nvcc” and “CXX = nvcc” lines to makefile.