CUDA Help in building physics simulator

Hi everyone

I am trying to build a physics simulator( box with bouncing spheres) using a CUDA C programming. So, I am wondering if anyone built this simulator before? If anyone built this simulator before. Could you please, help me in this?


Take a look at the SDK example projects. You’ll find a great start with the Particles example.

For object simulation, you can take a look at GPU Gems 3 for one great project.

Recommending the book “Real time physics development” by Ian Millington. It’s does not quite reach the mathematical state of the art used by current cutting-edge physics engines, but you will learn the basics. Also a good read is “Real-time collision detection” by Christer Ericson.

I am just about to attempt a mass-spring type engine based on Thrust V1.2 (no rotational moments, only point masses). This should allow for some fun with springy and blob-like objects. Currently compiling OpenSceneGraph to do the 3D rendering.