CUDA in adobe actionscript (flash, flex)


do you know if it is possible to access Nvidia CUDA API somehow from adobe actionscript which could be used in flash/flex components? I wonder if it is possible to take advantage from CUDA technology in adobe technology based web components using directly CUDA API (detect somehow that it is present on the system and then compute something and show it in the web browser)


I’m not aware of anybody having done this, but if it is possible to call native code from ActionScript/Flash then it might be possible. What’s the application?

We don’t have any particular application, we just wonder if it is possible to write any flash/actionscript component which can compute something on GPU and later show the visualization of such computations. Could be interesting as post processing of some scientific data in scientific portal environments where you can do some local transformations, changes in such vis by some parameters not waiting for server or something like this.


For security reasons, it is NOT possible to call native code from Flash. Sandboxing and such prevents that.
It might be possible with the aid of Zinc, but I don’t know if it’s extends Flash’s capabilites that far. Try asking their devs.

I got curious myself.
It seems it is quite possible to extend Zinc’s capabilities (and as such Flash’s) with libraries:…sdk%C2%ACpage=1
Zinc is supposed to support Linux, but I don’t see anything about loading so-libs, only dlls and osx equivalents.

It would appear that I’m more interested than dejw :P
I mailed and ask. No linux support for now. Some initial R&D had been done, but nothing conclusive about when it might be available.