CUDA in Debian Linux (doesn't work)

I use Debian testing 64 bit with Nvidia 740m gt (drivers: 331.67) with Bumblebee.
I’ve installed nvidia-cuda-toolkit too.
The problems is that my CUDA doesn’t work. For example, if I run “optirun blender” it works… but without CUDA support, and this is the output in my terminal:
$ optirun blender
Color management: using fallback mode for management
connect failed: No such file or directory
modprobe: ERROR: could not insert ‘nvidia_uvm’: Invalid argument
CUDA cuInit: Unknown error

One week ago I solved this problem in Gentoo Linux simply installing the nvidia-cuda-toolkit from Gentoo’s packages. In Windows 7 it works too.

Maybe I must tell Blender or nvidia-drivers where to find the cuda-toolkit … I don’t know …

The error message is pointing you to the solution. Some of the latest NVIDIA drivers require the nvidia-uvm module to be compiled and available, but due to some old patches being applied to the xorg-edgers ppa drivers, the module building fails.

Assuming you have installed it with the usual apt-get install nvidia-331 bumblebee, also install nvidia-331-uvm and libcuda1-331, as apparently the cuda library sometimes does not get installed automatically either.

If nvidia-331-uvm errors out while building, you’ll need to follow posts 8 and 9 here:

mrfabiolo, you can tell me how did that installation?

i’d like to echo rygle 's question, given that Debian is not specifically listed in the list of “supported platforms” and Debian != Ubuntu.

I know I’m late to the party, but I may have a solution for others with this problem.
I had a similar issue with matlab on my Debian machine when I would use gpuArrays. The console would say the following:

modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'nvidia_current_uvm': Operation not permitted
modprobe: ERROR: ../libkmod/libkmod-module.c:977 command_do() Error running install command for nvidia_uvm
modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'nvidia_uvm': Operation not permitted

and matlab Command Window would report

Error using gpuArray
An unexpected error occurred during CUDA execution. The CUDA error was:


The solution to my problem, and most likely your problem, is that you need the nvidia_uvm running.
Matlab (and your program) tried to start it, but doesn’t have permission to do so.

Assuming you already have the proper cuda packages, nvidia-cuda-dev or libcuda1, installed you can simply run one of the following commands to start the nvidia_uvm module:

sudo modprobe nvidia_current_uvm


sudo modprobe nvidia_uvm

If this fixes the issue, you can have kmod start the module automatically at boot by placing the following lines in /etc/modules (ignore the line numbers):

# Needed for programs using libCUDA

If you used modprobe nvidia_uvm previously, replace the name in the above snippet.

You can verify that the nvidia_uvm module has started by running lsmod | grep nvidia and checking that you see nvidia_uvm in the output. If you do not see the module in the output, I would sift through the output of dmesg | grep -i nvidia and look for any error messages pertaining to that module.

Ubuntu is a Debian-based distribution. So you can quite often just pick Ubuntu packages and install them on Debian, too.