CUDA in dynamically loaded dll bug status quick status inquiry on dll's and CUDA

Dear CUDA-Team,

I just wanted to ask when the problem with CUDA in dynamically loaded dll’s will be resolved. I am currently working on a project using CUDA. The company project requires the CUDA application to be in a dynamically linked dll which means I am highly dependent on this issue being resolved.
Therefore I just wanted to know an estimate on when a new release with a fix can be expected.

Thanks in advance for any replys.


Yes, the bug has been fixed.
The new release should be out in few weeks.


Thank you very much.

Wow, that’s great news! Finally, we’ll be able to use CUDA from Matlab in a direct and simple way (and throw away that COM garbage that I already wrote… oh well.).

Yes, I have been running MATLAB for a while using mex files to call CUDA kernels.

Cool. Is Nvidia perhaps even planning to release an offical CUDA API for Matlab? :)

There will be examples on how to call CUDA using mex files.

You need to teach the mex script how to handle .cu files, but aside for that it is very simple.

I’m just wondering if the release with the dll fix has been made (I didn’t see it). Alternately, does anybody have a workaround for using CUDA with the Java Native Interface?

My apologies if this question has already been answered; I’m still learning my way around.


Sounds great. Can CUDA be called directly from the mex file, or do you need to load a separate DLL?

Please add me to the list of people waiting for the bug fix…


Just checking on the status of the MEX Cuda bug fix. We have run into this problem in Windows and are anxiously looking forward to the patch:). Is there any type of work around right now, or a beta version of the patch we could try?

The work arounds we are looking at now (because we have a deadline to get this working) are:

  1. See if there is the same problem in Linux
  2. See if Matlab’s interface to Generic DLL’s would work
  3. See if creating as an out of process exe would work
  4. See if compiling as a COM object would work.

Does anyone know if any of these work arounds might be successful (or are not). If not we’ll post our success/fail with them. Cheers!

It will work in Linux.
Send me an email and I will forward you my modification to the mex script and the option file for nvcc.


With the version 1.0 release we have been able to get our dll with mex interface to work with Matlab 2006b. Thank you NVidia CUDA developers!! One odd issue we have noticed is that when using CuFFT compilied in emudebug mode it seems to hang after repeated calls from Matlab to the dll. This problem does not exist with the debug mode. We are still looking into if the problem is on our end.

Has the bug been fixed for all third party dlls? Can a dll with CUDA code successfully link via JNI and be called from java?

It should work.
If not, please post a simple example and we will investigate.